Saaremaa rally 2021 finished Estonian Rally Championship

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Estonian Rally Championship finisher Saaremaa Rally 2021 proved to be tough again

Saaremaa Rally 2021 was quite an eventful season finisher for Estonian Rally Championship with 82 finishers out of 128 entrants.

The rally started with four stages ran in the dark and mostly on tarmac. Tarmac tyres were not allowed. This proved to be a new challenge for many, including Georg Linnamäe / Volodymyr Korsia, who were outing their Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 first time on tarmac stages. To get the maximum result, the car was lowered and fitted with Yokohama A036 tyres which are designed for hard and compacted gravel or broken tarmac. This proved to be a good choice – Linnamäe/Korsia won the city stage and finished the section 3rd overall, losing 5.4 seconds to the leaders Gross/Mölder in their Fiesta WRC. Unfortunately, their rally ended prematurely on the second day when they went wide and hit a tree.

The fastest pair in EMV5 (Group N) class was once again Timmu Kõrge / Erik Vaasa who finished the rally 6th overall. Winning all the stages (two with joint times), their pace was unmatched.

Photos by Saaremaa Rally

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