Yokohama and Rada Auto OÜ join hands

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Yokohama and Rada Auto OÜ join hands

People from the Baltic States understandably haven’t always had the chance to compete in motorsport. Yet, somehow, it has been always popular. Luckily, life goes on and now, motorsport has never been in better health than it is today. So, obviously, big names like Yokohama notice this and want to help out.

Yokohama circuit racing tyres have been really popular all around the world, especially with the touring car range. Today, Yokohama is really stepping it’s game up in the rally world. The development plans are big and ongoing. The A053 Premium Spec is already turning the rally scene around, the future looks bright.

Starting from 2021, Yokohama and Rada Auto OÜ have joined hands to introduce Yokohama motorsport tyres in the area.

With a good selection of tyres, in the perfect price range, Yokohama tyres are surely going to be a hit!

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